ruby sofyan

ruby is a petite young lady. in typical javanese manner: humble and calm on first sight, but lively and striving in the background. she won the „most aesthetic design 2012“ award of the „indonesia furniture design competition“ and is steadily building her own creative studio.

ruby hails from tasikmalaya, a small town in west java. being of sundanese ethnicity, she likes her food spicy and vegetables raw. in search of an inspiring environment, she made her way to yogyakarta, now having to live with lots of sugar instead of chili.

she studied interior design and continued enjoying campus life while obtaining her master’s degree and teaching classes. after graduation she started as a freelance designer, joining forces with kre + o, a group of furniture and interior designers from yogyakarta . her professional accomplishments thus far include designing beautiful room interiors for retail shops, hotels and private apartments in indonesia and as far away as berlin.