eko prawoto

eko’s private house reads like a three dimensional essay on who he is and what matters to him. a tree growing through the roof in the middle of the living room, the terrace reaching to the top of an avocado tree, eko is an admirer and advocate of nature. antique furniture, colorful carvings and culturally loaded paintings, all indicators of eko’s passion for indonesian heritage.

eko is an architect. born in purworejo central java, he studied architecture in yogyakarta and amsterdam. he now teaches architecture at a university in yogyakarta and realizes plentiful practical projects each year, with his favorite construction element being bamboo.

eko’s work embodies his two main passions. he uses natural materials, highlighting their natural abilities and following philosophical beliefs, thus allowing the observer to feel closer to nature. he applies traditional javanese skills and style elements in new ways, creating stunning looks and improving elements of society. in one of the later projects he is involved in, eko helps to develop basic houses that shall be affordable for less well situated people.